SemiSubGeneration is the first brand in the world specializing in promotion and development of a new generation of semisubmerged architecture, innovative homes and tourist eco-yachts. We create unique, cutting-edge products, highly innovative in design and technologies used.

Futuristic projects for the future to live in an environmentally friendly way with style, elegance and exclusivity. Until now the shipbuilding and hospitality industries have always proposed floating or submerged projects but the partially submerged dimension is still unexplored and this is where operate with our team of designers and technicians to offer the best solutions in the last frontier of extra-luxury tourism.

SemiSubGeneration is a new reality born from important partnerships with suppliers, companies in the shipbuilding industry and architecture and engineering studios that are among the most innovative on the market. SemiSubGeneration welcomes you into our world with a series of sensational products such as: Trilobis, the first environmentally friendly yacht with hydrogen engines and underwater viewports; Jelly-Fish, floating residence with underwater viewports; and Neptus, innovative cliff house; all designed to live the semi submerged experience with exclusivity.



SemiSubGeneration has signed a series of important partnerships with the most innovative Italian companies in the naval engineering sector such as COMPOLAB in the holographic technology and augmenting reality sector with HOLOMASK and in the marine electric motors sector with SEALENCE for the DEEPSPEED electric jet, highly performing and absolutely silent, powered by electric motors, which thanks to fuel cells – or hydrogen fuel cells – allow it to reach a maximum speed of 10 knots, with 360° rotations, generating simple water as a waste element.