SemiSubgeneration, believes in a cleaner world, where the latest technological frontiers and the most futuristic ideas of enlightened designers can create something unique to help us live and admire the sea in a new and surprising fashion. We believe in the power of renewable energy from solar hydrogen to create clean energy and commitment to use only recycled and recyclable materials to give shape to our dreams which become a reality thanks to the unmistakable style of famous designers.

We at SemiSubGeneration are convinced that our ever-changing planet will bring architecture into contact with untill now unexplored resources in the near future, we believe in the fascination of a new life horizon in close contact with water.

Aware of the impact that human intervention has always made on the environment, our projects are characterized by the intent to conquer new spaces in order to live in harmony with nature. Inventing a new type of dwelling in a world, half-submerged in water, completely unexplored, the projects are designed to have their own life as real “marine creatures”: they are born taking shape from organic and sinuous lines, they live via the introduction of innovative technologies and reproduce thanks to the use of eco-friendly materials. Welcome to the future, welcome to the SemiSubGeneration world.